Approximate Time:  10 minutes and 48 seconds
Completed on January 11, 2008

The hosts for this episode are Cameron R. and Autum.  They will introduce the following segments:

3 Types of Rocks with Justin, Kailey, and Braxton
The Rock Cycle with Jacob and Ryan
Soil Layers with Jon, Samantha, and Rylea

Trivia Facts with Jason and Cameron M.
Champ Chat with Amanda and Melani
An Interview with a Mystery Rock with Alexis (and Hunter)

Fossils with Cody and Brooklyn
Minerals with Michael
“Rock’n Jokes” with Taylor and Zephan

Poetry with Harley and Madison

7 thoughts on “CHAMP-CAST #6

  1. Excellent job class! You presented some great information and did it very professionally. The jokes weren’t bad either ;>)

    Bob McGlasson

  2. What an excellent job the entire class did. I even learned a few things. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dear Mr. Gann’s Class,

    Your podcast was really cool!! We especially enjoyed the music. We liked the mud poem. Thanks for giving us an interesting way to review for our test.

    Have a great weekend!
    Mrs. Deckard’s Class at WN

  4. Wow! Great job on your podcast! I like it so much that I am going to share it as an “example podcast” with my eMINTS teachers in an upcoming training session. Keep up the good work!

    Chris Lohman
    eMINTS Instructional Specialist
    Northwest Missouri eMINTS

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