Approximate Time:  9 minutes and 56 seconds
Completed on December 18, 2008

The host for this episode is Tara.  She will introduce the following segments:
Electricty Facts with Austin, Dylan and Nicole
Safety Tips with Curtis, James, and Safety Man (Cole)
Champ Chat with Jenna, Kalyn, and Drew
Did You Know? with Habib and Ben
Electrical Trivia with Courtney and Autumn
An Interview with a Mystery Guest with Chloe (and Bryson)

Jokes with Chad and Jackson
Poetry with Jack and Matthew


Approximate Time:  10 minutes and 39 seconds
Completed on November 20, 2008 (contains some audio difficulties)

The host for this episode is Jason.  He will introduce the following segments:
The 3 Branches of Government with Tara, Dylan and Jack
Breaking News with Jenna (and Chloe, Drew, Chad, Cole, Austin, and Habib)

Champ Chat with Courntey, Jackson, Autumn, and James
An Interview with a Mystery Guest with Matthew (and Ben)

Jokes with Bryson and Curtis

Poetry with Kalyn and Nicole